Why choose brushing machines

As the floors of shopping malls and stations are mostly marble or ceramic tiles, such floor types have relatively high requirements for cleanliness, after all, they represent the image of a public place. Therefore, the cleaning work must be done meticulously. Gradually, some traditional cleaning methods can no longer meet the cleaning requirements of these occasions, and the emergence and application of floor brushing machines have comprehensively replaced manual labor in floor cleaning in many industries.

In traditional cleaning methods, there are often situations where the cleaning is not in place, such as some dead corners or some stains that are difficult to remove. If the stains are accumulated all the time, the ground will turn yellow and dark after a period of time, affecting the aesthetics. Moreover, the area of these public places is very large, if you want to do a good job of cleaning the ground, you need to recruit a large number of cleaning personnel to carry out, which is a big expenditure in terms of labor costs.

The use of floor brushing machine can perfectly solve the above-mentioned problems. It is mainly machine operation. You only need to add detergent, which not only completes floor cleaning, but also has the advantages of reducing the work intensity of cleaning personnel, improving the cleaning work efficiency and reducing the cleaning operation cost. At present, the technology of cleaning machinery is also continuously developing, let’s wait and see.

With the development of science and technology, the clean and fast cleaning methods provided to us by the equipment such as motor graders and floor brushes are becoming more and more difficult to leave. Especially in the era of intelligent machine operation, efficiency and convenience are more important.

Like supermarkets, shopping malls and railway stations that we often go to and from, sometimes we can see the figure of various cleaning equipment such as floor brushing machines.


Light colored granite and rust stone are all granites of lamellar structure. In addition to the typical capillary water absorption of granite, because of the light white color, there will be a spot of water or pollution, and the water trace is not easy to disappear. In addition, because of this stone is also accompanied by active iron in the rock, wet environment will lead to rust. In the field of stone application and nursing, we has a wealth of experience and accumulated, and these experiences into products and related technologies. Through years of product development and innovation, our Stone Maintenance System has become the most trustworthy choice of stone related industry in China and the world.

Post time: Jun-24-2020