What are the cleaning methods of the hotel floor

The sanitation of the hotel directly affects the image of the hotel, and customers should consider sanitation issues when checking into the hotel.

Now hotels of various levels and different themes provide you with more choices. Those are the common standard is cleanliness and hygiene. The higher the high-end hotel, the higher the sanitary requirements. Once the sanitary condition of the hotel deteriorates, it may damage the image of the hotel. However, it is not easy to do hotel sanitation. There are many scenes involved, so today I will mainly talk about the cleaning of the hotel floor.


The lobby is the impression of guests actually entering the hotel, so the lobby of the hotel is generally made high-end and beautiful, the floor is made of marble and other materials, smooth and bright, and pollution-free. Regarding the daily cleaning of marble floors, we can choose to wash the floor table. Through the cleaning of the washing machine, a pollution-free effect can be obtained. Using the dishwasher to clean is not only effective, but also greatly improves our work efficiency. The daily cleanliness can be determined according to the area, whether to use the dust truck. If the area is not large, press it down with dust. Please keep in mind that it is necessary to add electrostatic fluid to our pressure dust cloth.

In order to ensure the light and color of the marble, regular maintenance and the production of crystal faces are also required. The general steps for making marble crystal surface are:   

1. Clean up the marble floor.   

2. Fill the cracks in the stone with clouds and other materials.  

3. After rough grinding, grind carefully and add the corresponding crystal surface agent.  

4. Grinding.

After the completion of , the stone face light mirror is like water, with a sense of hierarchy. It has the effects of preventing dirt from penetrating the inner layer of the stone, improving abrasion resistance and anti-slip.

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The passages of the hotel rooms are covered with carpets to reduce aesthetics and noise. And the carpet also needs to be cleaned effectively to prevent mold and mites from multiplying. Cleaning carpets is an expensive and never-ending job. The carpet must continue to be cleaned every day and cleaned regularly.

You can choose a vacuum cleaner for blankets. Vacuum cleaners are also used when we make stone crystal surfaces. Therefore, poor quality machines cannot be bought cheaply. The frequency of use will become higher. You can choose small and medium-sized industrial vacuum cleaners. There are various equipment and methods for carpet cleaning. It is mainly composed of a combination of a single wiper and a carpet brush, plus a foaming box of the mat for cleaning. After cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the water on the carpet, and then use a hair dryer to dry the carpet. Please accidentally spill ink, drinks, etc. on the carpet, and then clean it immediately. Otherwise, it is difficult to extend the time, and long-term marks may be left on the carpet.



The floor of the hotel restaurant is generally marble and tile. When the floor is greasy, you can put an appropriate amount of special detergent in the clean water tank of the washing machine, or you can put in washing and detergent to prevent clogging and damage. After adding foam detergent, you need to add the corresponding amount of defoamer into the sewage tank of the floor cleaning machine


The hotel is surrounded by gardens and other places, and the pavement is made of cement, granite and other materials. Because the ground is rough, you can use an electric vacuum cleaner for cleaning. The electric vacuum cleaner has low cleaning noise, flexible work and no dust. Keep it clean quickly while preventing noise and dust from affecting customers’ rest.


Post time: Apr-30-2021