The new floor blower adopts brushless motor, ultra-low noise

Chapter 1 Overview

JP-120 and JP-120H Low-noise Air Mover have the characteristics of

easy operation, safe use, strong wind, low noise, and excellent drying

and ventilation effects. Adopting engineering plastic injection, alloy

wind wheel, with 5 speed 0-8 hours time switch, it can be equipped with

pull rod, portable and shockproof, solid durable and beautiful


JP120 (18) - 副本


It is especially suitable for drying, cooling and ventilating humid

areas in places with high requirements such as hotels, restaurants,

office buildings, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, etc. While drying

the wet carpets, floors, fabrics, walls, etc., it also has the function of

ventilation and heat dissipation.

Advantages and features:

1.Unique design, with multiple technological innovation patents

2.Using fully sealed brushless DC motor, safe assurance and energy-

saving, strong wind, low noise.

3.All-metal double wind wheels, ultra-dense air outlet design to

prevent the motor from inhaling foreign matter.

4.5 speeds, 0-8 hours timing function.

5.The front-mounted handle can be equipped with a pull rod, which

is easy-moving and labor-saving.

6.Engineering plastic pressure injection makes beautiful and durable

appearance.It can be laid flat vertically or placed 45 degrees


Read the manual carefully before using this machine.

Check the power cord and make sure that the power cord is not

damaged before using.

If the power cord is damaged or the machine is malfunctioning, it

must be replaced or repaired by the maintenance department or

similar professional personnel at the place of purchase to avoid

adverse consequences.

Do not use the machine in stagnant water, otherwise it will be very


Do not block the air outlet with cloth or other soft objects, otherwise

it may cause related undesirable accidents.

Children shall not be allowed to operate the machine or be near the

working machine.

Do not use the machine outdoors when it is raining.

Do not put any tools or items into the machine during operation.

The machine shall not be used in places with chemicals or in the air

full of chemicals.

Power must be cut off before cleaning or maintenance. Cleaning and

maintenance work can only be carried out when the wind wheel

completely stops rotating, otherwise electric shock or injury may be


Do not let water into the motor. If the motor is damp or flooded, it

must be thoroughly air-dried before use


Usage Instructions:


1.Make sure that there are no light and small objects in the cooling

place or that the cooled objects have enough weight, so as to avoid

the loss or occurrence of accidents such as light and small items or

cooled items blown away by the air flow generated by the hair


2.Aim the air outlet of the blower at the place or item that needs to

be cooled, turn on the blower switch for cooling, and adjust the

speed of the wind wheel according to the required air volume.


1.First of all, make sure that there are no light and small objects in

the place where ventilation is needed.

2.Aim the blower at the vents of the room and adjust the blowing

angle as needed.Plug in the power and turn on the blower to

circulate the air in the room.

Dry floors and carpets

1.First of all, make sure that there are no light and small objects on

the floor or carpet that need to be dried.

2.Put the blower flat on the floor or a corner of the carpet, turn on the

blower to form a strong air flow on the floor or carpet surface, so

as to quickly dry the wet floor or carpet.

3.When there are other objects under the damp carpet, they should

be removed and dried separately.

Key Function

1.Plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch and start


2.Five gears of wind speed, select the wind speed according to your

needs, press the “+” and “-” buttons to control the gear wind speed

through the digital display tube.

3.Click the timing button and select 0-8 hours of working time through

the digital display tube. Double-click the timing button to cancel the

timing. After setting, the digital display tube will flash 5 times, it will

automatically return to the current working gear.

4.Choose different wind speeds in different places according to your


5.The blower cannot be moved during operation to avoid danger.

6.The key function description, see the figure below:

JP120 (16) - 副本

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