Stone care construction safety matters!

Construction accidents have occurred frequently in recent years, causing great harm to construction personnel.
No industry is an exception. Basic safety construction knowledge is required to ensure safe operation.
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1. Safe use of electricity

1. Every time you enter the construction site to prepare for construction, you should check the energization of the electrical equipment,
the opening status of the distribution box and the equipment switch.

2. Whether the cable is unblocked, whether it is immersed in water or has broken skin.

3. In the process of stone renovation and stone care construction, attention should be paid to the equipment connection line at all times.
Do not twist the wire into the ground of the grinder. If the wire is twisted into the ground of the grinder, the wire will be broken and cause electric leakage.

4. The wires should be taken back before the end of get off work every day, and they should be kept and placed in a unified manner.
The cross-construction site should prevent items from being lost. After the construction is finished, turn off the power switch of the machine first,
then unplug the power plug, and finally turn off the main power supply in the main distribution box.

1. Enter the construction site to confirm that water is available for the construction. Pay great attention to the room with wooden floor. Do not sprinkle water on the wooden
floor to avoid foaming and damage.
If it is soaked, it should be dried in time.

2. In the process of stone renovation and stone care and polishing, it should be noted that the sewage generated during polishing should be
sucked in time with a water suction machine to avoid soaking the wooden skirting or wall cabinets.

3. Enter the construction site to confirm the construction sewage discharge point. Do not directly dump the sewage with silt into the drain. Excessive silt will cause the drain to be blocked.
The sewage without sediment should be poured into the spare bucket for 10 minutes.
Only then can the sewage with a small amount of sand be discharged to the sewage pipe with a relatively large diameter, and finally the sediment is poured separately into another spare bucket.

4. Turn off the water outlet switch of the equipment before finishing get off work every day, and check whether the water valve on the construction site is closed. Clean up the stagnant
water on site to avoid excessive seepage of the floor.
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1. Stone care will use some chemicals when treating the stained lesions of the stone, some of which have strong acid and alkalinity. Rubber gloves should be worn during such
operations to avoid direct contact with the skin.

2. Some agents are flammable or combustion-supporting, so smoking and other fire sources should be strictly prohibited at such construction sites.

3. Wear protective glasses when cutting seams to prevent sand and gravel from splashing into your eyes.

4. In the process of stone renovation and stone care, it is strictly prohibited for irrelevant personnel to contact and use construction equipment, tools, and chemicals to avoid safety
accidents caused by improper operation.

5. Part of the machinery and equipment required for stone renovation and stone care is heavy. Care should be taken during the handling. In particular, you should pay attention
to your feet when going up and down the stairs. At the same time,
you should also prevent the elevator from scratching when entering and exiting the elevator. And walls.

Post time: Dec-22-2020