New crown vaccine: Zhejiang province, China launches emergency vaccination plan

Many cities in China’s eastern coastal province of Zhejiang have launched emergency injection programs for the new coronavirus vaccine to allow people to undergo transplantation. However, because the relevant vaccine is still in the clinical trial stage, it has attracted global attention.

In Yiwu City, famous for its "small commodity" wholesale market, the scene of people queuing up for the new coronavirus vaccine proves that the public has a strong demand for the vaccine that is regarded as the "new coronavirus terminator". At this time, European and American countries are experiencing the second wave of epidemics, and the number of new crowns confirmed in a single day is constantly reaching new highs. The transplantation of new crown vaccines is unimaginable and unattainable abroad.

Obviously, the vaccine supplied to Zhejiang this time is still in the third phase of clinical trials and has been approved for marketing. What is the safety and risk of vaccine implantation for the public? Why did European and American countries, whose epidemic is far more severe than China, restart emergency vaccination?

Experts believe that the vaccination has not completed the Phase III clinical trial vaccine and the risk indicators for the confirmed new coronavirus, and now the risk assessment of this type of vaccine is implanted.

Post time: Oct-29-2020