Light colored granite solutions

Light colored granite and rust stone are all granites of lamellar structure. In addition to the typical capillary water absorption of granite, because of the light white color, there will be a spot of water or pollution, and the water trace is not easy to disappear. In addition, because of this stone is also accompanied by active iron in the rock, wet environment will lead to rust. In the field of stone application and nursing, we has a wealth of experience and accumulated, and these experiences into products and related technologies. Through years of product development and innovation, our Stone Maintenance System has become the most trustworthy choice of stone related industry in China and the world.

Yellow rust- White stone material is associated with a lively iron oxide, in the role of water continues to oxidize yellow, the final performance in the stone surface is a piece or a piece of rust. The water that causes the rust is from the same source that causes the rust, so sometimes you'll see the water and you'll see the rust.

Pollution- The white substrate is sensitive to any contaminant, so any liquid contamination seeping into the white flax should be removed in time. Common contaminants are color stains and oil stains. For some detergents containing surfactants to be used carefully, when these surfactants into the stone chamber, will also show the same as oil pollution phenomenon.

Solvent-based penetrate protectors should be selected. On the technical index, not only the water resistance should be high, the difference rate between the index of acid and alkali resistance and the index of water resistance should be small, avoid by all means should not take the effect of water drops as the basis for judging the excellent and bad protection.

The plate must be dry before the protective agent is applied.

The protection processing of shop ground white hemp wants 6 sides to deal with, besmear brushwork twice. The side should also be carefully painted.

After the protective agent is coated under normal temperature must maintain three days after the pavement, the temperature in 5-15℃ when the curing time to more than 7 days, avoid in order to meet the deadline will just brush the plate of protective agent immediately pavement.

The back side of the floor board should be bonded and strengthened to make up for the influence of the protective agent on the cement paste adhesion.

The stone material surface after the shop is installed does not want to apply overlay, periphery is ventilated close, board seam is installed in the shop after 3 weeks ability is embedded fill.

The maintenance of white hemp ground also should pay attention to the control of water, as little as possible to scrub with water. If water must be used, clean it up to prevent water from seeping into the back of the board along the seams.

Local contamination local cleaning. Appropriate acidic cleaners are much less hazardous than alkaline cleaners and should be diluted with water as much as possible.

Other operations on the ground to protect the ground, such as wall paint and glass water will pollute the ground.

To choose the appropriate electrostatic dust solution to deal with the ground, otherwise it will pollute the ground.

Post time: Jun-24-2020