How to use the hotel’s multifunctional floor scrubber

The hotel’s multifunctional floor scrubber has a smart and exquisite exterior design and a precise and precise internal structure. Air-cooled motor, dual-capacitor configuration, safer and more reliable work, the transmission part adopts stainless steel three planetary gears, good sealing, stable transmission, long-lasting endurance, and multiple functions such as cleaning carpet, ground, waxing, low-speed polishing, etc. .


Brushing machine protection:

1 After working, drain the unused water or detergent from the water tank, and clean the water tank with clean water.

2 Remove the cleaning brush or needle holder and clean it.

3 Wrap the power cord into a loop and hang it on the handle.

4Don’t let children move and play


1 The floor brush and the felt brush can not be used wrongly. When cleaning the carpet, use a softer bristles; when cleaning the floor, use a harder bristles.

2 The carpet should be moistened before cleaning the carpet.

3 Do not start the machine continuously to avoid damage to the centrifugal switch of the motor. The interval start can only be carried out after the centrifugal switch returns to its position.

4 The fuse current of the user-controlled switch must be more than 2 times higher than the current of the machine.

5 If the machine is not used for a long time, it needs to be energized and turned on once about half a month to make the motor coil run, and to avoid the coil being damp and the performance degradation can damage the motor.

6 Store the machine in a dry and ventilated environment after use.

7The brushing machine/refurbishing machine cannot work continuously for a long time, and the continuous working time is within 2H.

8 Users need to purchase machines with matching power according to their own clean environment or places. Low-power machines cannot be used in high-power working environments or places, so as to prevent the machine from burning out the motor due to excessive load and current increase.

9 If the machine is equipped with an overload protector, if the load is too large and the machine stops working, the overload protector can be activated after about 10 seconds, and the machine can work again.

10 If the machine motor burns out due to other reasons, such as smoking, peculiar smell, etc., immediately stop working, unplug the power cord, and contact the distributor or the engineering department of our company for processing.

11 Do not operate the machine outdoors when it is raining to avoid damage to the machine.

12 The machine must not be used on the power cord, otherwise it will be dangerous


Post time: Apr-19-2021