How to maintain the artificial gangstone floor of the mall?

Artificial granite is a kind of natural marble scraps and stone powder as the main raw materials. It can also be decorated with mosaics,
shells, glass and other materials. It uses organic resin as a cementing agent,
vacuum stirring, high-pressure shaking, and then curing at room temperature. Synthetic stone made by other processes.

Due to the precise screening of the stone in the process, the radioactive materials contained in the stone are almost completely eliminated,
and the bonding of the high-performance adhesive after high pressure has greatly increased its strength,
and some of the strength is even higher. Natural Stone. In the synthesis process,
the use of centralized batching technology completely solves the color difference problem of natural stone in the decoration process,
and is especially suitable for large-area paving in engineering.
This is nothing compared to natural stone. So whether in shopping malls,
hotels or high-end public places, the figure of artificial gangshi can be seen everywhere.
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However, due to the large flow of people in the shopping mall, the surface of the stone is very worn. If it is not maintained in time or improperly maintained,
the stone will inevitably cause scratches, pollution, corrosion, cracking, warping and disease.

The problems of man-made synthetic stone are mainly: cracking, warping and bulging.
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The main reasons for the above problems are as follows: The ratio of artificial synthetic stone (bone meal ratio, resin ratio) The temperature change of the processing line and the adjustment of the formula. Adhesive problems (chemical changes and stress of adhesive materials) Caused by water vapor problems. Conservation damage. (Fluoric acid products).

So how should the artificial gangstone be maintained?

1. Install floor mats with various functions at the doorway, main passage, bathroom entrance and exit of the shopping mall, and add absorbent floor mats in the door every snow and rainy day to prevent the stone from being scratched and polluted.

2. Keep cleaning the ground with dust, and remove any dirt immediately.

3. It is forbidden to use excessive water to mop and clean the floor, and try to use a fully automatic floor scrubber.

4. It is forbidden to use non-neutral, acid and alkaline chemicals to clean the stone.

5. It is forbidden to use high acid crystallization agent to maintain stone, so as to avoid corrosion to stone and cause “orange peel” phenomenon.

6. The surface of the stone should not be covered with rubber mats for a long time, so as not to cause the stone to become moldy and alkaline.

7. Adhesive tape should not be pasted on the surface of stone to avoid glue stains.

8. Develop a reasonable and scientific stone crystal maintenance plan.

Post time: Dec-28-2020