How do high-end hotels clean carpets? Teach you the steps and skills of professional carpet cleaning

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the times, carpets are now commonly used in almost every household. Carpets can not only reduce dust brought into the room with shoes. The cleaning of the carpet cannot be ignored. Generally, high-end hotels or guesthouses pay more attention to cleaning fabrics, and the cleaning procedures need to be more standardized to play a role in cleaning and maintaining fabrics.


Carpet cleaning is actually quite skillful. Even full-time carpet cleaners can only operate independently after rigorous training. In many high-end hotels, no thorough cleaning of carpets should be carried out more than half a year.


Hotel carpet cleaning steps:

1. Before cleaning the carpet, the furniture and articles on the carpet in the area should be removed or removed.

 2. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet to be washed.

 3, check whether the carpet has stains, if there should be removed stains.

 4, check whether the detergent meets the requirements, should avoid using the detergent containing oil or residue, so as not to accumulate into oil.The method that tests is to undertake cleaner to evaporate, whether to see its residue is absorbed by vacuum cleaner, can absorb explain this cleaner won’t accumulate dirty, the quality that checks cleaner also can be used to try out a method on not a carpet.

5. After preparing the detergent according to the instructions, put it into the liquid container of the carpet washing machine.

6. When washing the carpet, the operation shall be strictly in accordance with the machine instructions or requirements, and the cleaning route shall be designed in order from inside to outside to avoid omission.

7, wet cleaning, after the carpet washing mechanism is finished, use the absorbent machine to suck up the carpet, the sewage will be thoroughly absorbed, so that the carpet is easy to dry.

 8. Use the brush to brush the carpet fiber against the hair to make it elastic.

 9. Don’t leave ruts or footprints on the carpet before it dries.

 10. Turn the air volume of the air conditioner in the washing area to the maximum or use an electric hair dryer to make the carpet easy to dry.

 11. After the blanket is dry, vacuum thoroughly to remove the residue and straighten out the carpet fiber.

 12. The area after bottom cleaning shall be restored to its original state.


The cleaning of carpet of domestic use can dip in the towel that dip in make up the vinegar that has mixed to add warm water to wipe carpet, still can use broom to touch soapy water to go up in the carpet after spreading salt dirty, can wipe colored besmear with alcohol additionally, or use cleaner regularly, can clear besmear clean.




Post time: Mar-29-2021