Hotel cleaners and cleaning equipment purchase instructions

Hotel cleaners and cleaning equipment have a relatively large investment and a long service cycle. The proper selection of cleaning agents and cleaning equipment is related to the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel. Therefore, when purchasing hotel cleaners and cleaning equipment, great attention should be paid and professional sales manufacturers should be selected. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Convenience and safety: Choosing environmentally-friendly and safe cleaning agents with suitable cleaning equipment can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. The cleaning equipment is a productive and serviceable equipment in the hotel, so it is necessary to improve the operating power and service quality to facilitate the operation of the employees. The operation method of the cleaning equipment should be simple and clear, easy to grasp, have the necessary mobility, easy to clean the dead corners and minimize the energy consumption of employees. When selecting and purchasing equipment, consider whether it is equipped with various devices to prevent accidents. For example, do the voltages match, what is the insulation, do they have filtering equipment of the corresponding level, what is the deflection torque of the rotating equipment, and whether there are buffering prevention and control equipment.
2. Single function and multiple functions: There are many types of cleaners. Different types of stains and different places need to use different cleaners, but some cleaners for floors or walls can use general-purpose cleaners. Choosing a multifunctional cleaning agent can meet all needs. Correspondingly, cleaning equipment should also use multi-function equipment and corresponding accessories.
3. After-sales service and business promise: Purchasing cleaning equipment not only depends on the quotation and function of the product, but also the quotation of after-sales service and the reliability of parts repair. Good quality goods usually come from first-class manufacturers and suppliers.

Post time: Nov-17-2020