Cleaners must understand the hotel carpet cleaning and maintenance

Hotels and many public areas such as rooms and corridors are covered with carpets. There are three main types of carpets commonly used, namely, chemical fiber carpets, wool carpets and blended carpets.The renewal cycle of carpet is 5 to 7 years commonly, but this does not mean can ignore pair of carpet maintain.If the maintenance is not good, less than a year or two will be beyond recognition;If it is well maintained, it is still beautiful and soft as new five years later. In the daily work of the hotel, the cleaning and maintenance of the carpet must not be taken lightly. So how to do a good job in the cleaning and maintenance of the carpet?


Reduction should be accomplished before laying carpet because of the pollution that project construction causes, want to maintain the clean of cement ground above all, cannot have dust.Therefore, it is required that the ground should be thoroughly cleaned before the construction of the project.The floor cleaning can be carried out by hand washing machine.There is also the engineering staff in the construction, do a good job of dust prevention, try not to dust into.Control the pollution source of deep level, it is to avoid in the carpet cleaning later, after the ground or the dust on rubber mat encounters water, cause carpet pollution.



Daily dust removal in place.Hotel maintenance of carpet, thorough vacuuming is the maintenance of carpet is more important work, vacuuming can not only remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the carpet, but also remove the sand and gravel hidden in the bottom of the carpet, and often vacuuming can reduce the number of washing carpet, restore the elasticity and softness of the carpet, prolong its service life.In addition to the daily vacuuming, for difficult to deal with stains, but also to timely treatment, different stains applied to different methods to be removed, otherwise infiltration and diffusion will leave traces that can never be removed


Carpet cleaning is essential!Carpet washing is a job with high technical requirements. According to the business situation and the frequency of carpet use, we can flexibly master the washing time. The procedure of carpet cleaning is as follows:

(1) Thoroughly vacuuming the carpet to be washed.

(2) check whether the carpet has stains, if there should be removed stains.

(3) check whether the cleaner is conform to the requirements, should avoid to use containing oil or residue cleaner, lest again into the oil, the method of testing is to evaporate cleaner undertakes, whether the residue by vacuum pump, can learn that the cleaner will not accumulate dirt, check the quality of the detergent can be used in a small piece of carpet trial method.

(4) after the use of high foam carpet water cleaning, and then use the suction washing machine to suck up the sewage, so that the carpet is easy to dry.

(5) open the air volume of the air conditioner in the cleaning area to the maximum or use an electric hair dryer to make the carpet easy to dry;Guest room corridor after washing carpet, want to spread scrap sheet, avoid pollution again.

(6) after the carpet is dry, use the upright vacuum cleaner to vacuum thoroughly, remove the residue and straighten out the carpet fiber.



Post time: Apr-02-2021