Choose the right wet and dry vacuum cleaner

The wet and dry vacuum is a very important tool due to its versatility, it is not just merely capable of cleaning debris, removing dust and sucking up liquid spills, but it also clean hard floor, carpet and curtains. Therefore, it is widely used in shopping malls, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, car washes, etc.

We will see many different vacuum cleaner on the market, so how to choose the vacuum cleaner correctly? We can start from the following points;

1. The Capacity

The capacity of vacuum cleaner have 10L, 15L, 30L, 60L, 80L, and 90L.

It also can be asked as Where do you use, if you are household cleaning service, all tools must portable, easy stock don’t take up space, so you need 10L and 15L vacuum cleaner.

30L and 60L are the best chose for commercial floor, like market, hotel and hospital. There are a lot of traffic in these places. We can’t avoid dust and water stains, but dirty and wet floors will reduce your value, have to be cleaned frequently. 30L and 60L have large capacity sewage tanks, so you don’t need to dump them frequently.

80L and 90L is suitable for industrial, they are huge, can do all your suction worker. There is a big tank, can be hold more clutter than you can imagine. 图片12. The Power

The power have 1000w and 1500w motor, 10L, 15L and 30L have one motor only. 60L can be equipped with one, two and three motors as requested. 80L stander is 2 or 3 motor. Of course, the quality of the motor is also different, common domestic motor and imported AMETEK motor.


3.  The Function

The function have :

  • Dry only
  • Wet and dry
  • Low-noise
  • Steam Seperator/Electromagnetic
  • Curtain/Carpet Sucker
  • Squeegee with dust sucker or water sucker

4.  Material of Tank

  There have two material for tank, stainless steel and plastic. Stainless steel tank is strong and durable, plastic are more green.

图片35. The Accessories We supply a complete of accessories with the vacuum cleaner, like 1. steel tube, 2. round brush, 3. dust vacuuming head, 4. water vacuuming head, 5. sofa vacuuming head, 6. long flat vacuuming head, 7. soft tube, 8. short connector


6. The Model

There are six different model can be supplied from our company, always one you like. Haven’t found it? Contact me to customize for you!



Post time: Nov-04-2020