A 20’FCL NCL One Step Crystallizer and Bellinwax arrived customer stock before Muharram Festival holiday.

National Chemical Laboratories as we known NCL, from early beginnings in the late 1940s making soaps and shampoos for the family beauty salon business, to the leadership role today in the sanitary maintenance industry as a full-line, worldwide branded provider. NCL is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a half-million square foot manufacturing and operations center. They utilize large, high-pressure reactors for the production of captive raw materials used in many of our products. With a combined inventory of over 3 million gallons of raw material and finished products, NCL facility is one of the largest of its type in the United States. Their on-site, computerized laboratory is staffed by industry-renowned chemists, who help develop new and cutting-edge product formulations while assuring that these products meet our rigorous quality control standards.


National Chemical Laboratories comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance systems offers the advantage of single sourcing for all of your janitorial chemical needs. Whether it's hard surface resilient floors, natural stone or ceramic tile care, carpet care, green cleaning programs, restroom sanitation, industrial maintenance, supermarkets or foodservice, there's an NCL product program designed to maximize labor efficiency and to control cleaning budgets.


The stone care program TM from the national chemical laboratory is a product that has undergone many years of surface maintenance research and chemical development. Includes: crystal spray and polishing process - a system designed to create a high gloss marble, a simple and highest gloss for grinding limestone and stone groundWet stone polishing process marble - developed for creating the highest gloss of marble, travertine, ground grinding and palletizing limestoneGranite polishing program - a system for providing the highest gloss and restoration for all polished granite surfacesTile care products - complete maintenance and protection procedures for glazed and unglazed tiles, excavated tiles, saltillo tiles, Mexican stone and other artificial tiles

Post time: Jun-24-2020