Multi-functional floor machine-SC005

Short Description:

The multi-functional floor machine are easy to operate, safe and excellent cleaning effect
It is especially suitable for cleaning the carpet, floor, low speed polishing for various types of floor and refitting of stone surface for hotels, restaurants, office buildings and exhibition halls.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1Piece
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    It is designed with super double- capacitor and high power air-cooling motor.

    More safe operation and more strong power output provided.

    It has multiple functions such as carpet and floor cleaning, wax removing, low-speed polishing, crystal, treatment.

    Technical Data:

    Item No. SC-005
    Voltage 220V-240V
    Power 1100W
    Speed 154rpm/min
    Main cable length 12m
    Base plate diameter 17”
    Gross weight 47.65kg
    Handle packing size 375X126X1133mm
    Main body packing size 560x450x350mm
    Color Blue, dark blue, red, grey
    Accessories Main body, handle, water tank, pad holder, hard brush, soft brush.

    SC-005(2) sc005


    Operating methods and notes

    1. After opening the tank, please install the machine body, operating handle and water tank well according to the figure as well as the cleaning brush.
    2. Check whether the power socket on site meets relative standards and ensure that voltage of the power supply is between 220V and 240V. Excessive or insufficient voltage may lead the machine to abnormal operating, overheating or burning down.
    3. Add proper solution with cleaning agent to the water tank for cleaning requirements.
    4. Adjust the operating handle to an angle accustomed by the operator.
    5. One must clench the operating handle with his hands and no other personnel are allowed to stand around accessories of the machine before starting so as to avoid that they are injured for swing of the machine as the handle is not clenched. Push the thumb fused switch and the brushing machine begins to rotate for cleaning.
    6. Loose the main switch handle and the machine will stop working.
    7. After finish cleaning, the operating handle should be dried with a clean cloth so as to extend the machine’s service life.
    8. It is forbidden to use the brushing machine as other cleaning devices and no additional weight is allowed to add on the machine, for example the machine is operated with the operator sitting on it. Otherwise, the operator is vulnerable and it will add loads to the machine. If it is serious, the motor may be burned down and gears of the reducer maybe broken.
    9. To avoid electric leakage and burn of the motor, never operate in rain.

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