Industrial Hand Push Road Sweeping Machine/Floor Sweeper Electric Hand Push Road Sweeper

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the main technical specification

1. Product Name: Battery Sweeper

2, Product Model: AS-690

3, Battery Specifications.: 12V100AH, battery life: 5h

4, the Main Brush Length: 400mm side brush diameter: 400mm

5, Sweeping Total Width: 1000mm

6, Cleaning Efficiency: 4000 m² /h

7, Total Power: 270W

8, Dust Filter Area: 1.5 square meters

9, Trash Can Volume: 22L

10, Optional Tank Volume: 10L

Suitable Cleaning Objects

1. Residential area roads and sites

2. School internal roads and venues

3. Hospital internal roads and venues

4, the city inner street alley

5, production workshop, warehouse, channel

6. Terminal freight yards and roads




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