Carpet Extraction Machine –DTJ1A/DTJ1AR(Cold and Hot water)

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Import motor, quality guarantee.

Inside the water tank, increase the filter screen non-clogging.

An external 7.5m suction pipe and water absorption, enables to clean within 7.5 meters.

Curtain sucker(optional) multifunctional in one machine, very convenient, no need to remove the curtain or sofa cover in washing, wash with water mist and 80% dry in short-time.

DTJ1AR is a cold and hot water type.

Technical Data

Item DTJ1A
Voltage/Frequency 220V-240V/50Hz
Power 3230W
Current 12.7A
Roll brush speed 1300rpm/min
Roll brush motor 230V/180W
Roll brush width 400mm
Cleaning rat 560㎡/h
Water sucking motor 3000W
Pressures 2kg
Water sucker 480mm
Water spray motor 220V-240V/110W
Clean water tank capacity 49L
Dirty water tank capacity 42l
Cable 12m
Net weight 87.5kg
Gross weight 111.5kg
Size 1060X610X1005mm
Water sucker size 535X190X1455mm
Color Blue/black, dark blue/black, dark blue, grey

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