Cable/Battery Escalator Cleaner- SC-450/D

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Unique front wheel design, it is more convenient to walk.
Can set up the dust bag inside, easy and clean.
Automatically adjust the height of roller, high cleaning efficiency!


Item SC450 SC450D
Voltage 220-240V/50Hz 40V
Power 1180W 580W
Operating width 450mm 450mm
Dry motor 220V/1000W 500W
Roll brush motor 24V/180W 24V/180W
Roll brush speed 230RPM 230RPM
Capacity 20L 5L
Cable 12m
Weight 38kg 64.5kg
Gross weight 40.2kg 66kg
Packing 950x540x310mm 950x540x310mm
In sulation grade
Working hours - 2 hours
Battery - 2x12V

Escalators is the one of first things people see when entering a building, a dirty escalator or travelator will detract from the overall appearance. The debris and dirt can cause damage to escalators too, resulting in downtime and additional cost.  

Escalators are difficult to clean, as all sorts of dirt and debris, such as oils, grease and dust etc. can build up in the grooves of the steps.  These impurities must be removed quickly and efficiently, without damaging the escalator.

Escalator cleaner can keep it clean and easy. Put the cleaner on the upper part of the escalator when goes up, put it one the lower part of escalator when goes down. The dry roller sweep digs deep down between the grooves removing trodden in dirt, stones, sand, foreign objects and dust. An important aspect of this cleaning process is that all sand, dirt and spillage with would normally have combined with oil and grease to form a grinding paste in the escalator mechanism, are completely removed. Keeping escalators and travelators looking good by regular cleaning, helps not only to improve the overall appearance of your business, but can also dramatically reduce maintenance.

Here supply two type of escalator cleaner cable and battery. SC-450D built in imported charger and accumulators, ensure the enough working time.

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