Black Color Floor pad

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Different color floor pads have different uses, and not all pads should be used for every type of floor. Now let me introduce you in detail so that you can find the most suitable pads.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1Piece
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Nylon/Polester materials.

    25mm enough thickness.

    White use for polishing of protected floors.

    Red use for routine spray cleaning on protected floors.

    Black use for deep cleaning, and industrial stone floors.

    Technical Date

    Item C101B C101D
    Size 17” 20”
    Packing 5pcs/ctn 5pcs/ctn
    Packing size 440x130x440mm 515x130x515mm
    Gross weight White 1kg, Red 1.1kg, black1.6kg White 1.6kg, Red 1.7kg, black2.3kg

    Different color floor pads have different uses, and not all pads should be used for every type of floor. Now let me introduce you in detail so that you can find the most suitable pads.

    buffer pad.

    Red color floor pad is for floor buffing pad which can remove light scuff marks and dirt, and make the floor shine and sparkling finish. It’s perfect for light duty use as they won’t damage your floors. They are also suitable for daily cleaning work and for low speed brushing machine. Red buffing pads are known as most aggressive and can be used with dry or spray buffing.


    White color is for polishing pads which is softest floor pad, its suitable to daily tasks very much.  Use white polishing pads with a low speed floor polisher and a fine water mist, can make your floors sleek and gloss. The pads should be used on dry, clean floors to add a soft wax on finishes. White polishing pads will not last on textured surfaces, and not suitable for high speed machines.


    Black color floor pads which is stander color of stripping pads, they can completely remove finish, sealer, waxes and dirt so you can refinish your floor. They are very aggressive and abrasive and should be used with low speed machines.

    Through the introduction of the color and function of floor pads, we will have a new understanding of the choice of pads, I believe that you can choose the correct item for your floor. If these do not meet your floor needs, please contact us, we can customize according to your requirements.

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