Auto Scrubber Drier-SC50

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The process of using a scrubber drier is an incredibly simple one. Scrubber driers employ a front scrubbing unit to give your flooring a deep clean using water and chemicals. The residual dirty water is then collected in one smooth motion by the machine’s rear drying unit, which often consists of a squeegee and suction combination that deposits grime and excess fluids into a containment tank.

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Compact design, operation panel stick out a mile, easy operation.  

Choose brand batteries, chargers, long working hours.

High quality motor, import strip make the machine more high-end.

Curved water squeegee, water absorption is more effective.

External charging port, simple and convenient.

Brush plate equipped with the protective cover to prevent the sewage from overflowing.

Wide range of applications: workshops, warehouses, logistics centers, supermarkets and other floor cleaning.



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Technical date

Item SC50D SC50C SC50B
Details With battery With cable With cable
Clean width 510mm 510mm 510mm
Water sucker 755mm 755mm 755mm
Brush diameter 510mm 510mm 510mm
Brush rotation speed 210RPM 160RPM 160RPM
Sucking degree 140mbar 180mbar 180mbar
Floor motor power 550w 750w 750w
Power of water sucking motor 500w 1000w 1000w
Clean water tank capacity 40L 40L 63L
Dirty water tank capacity 50L 50L 50L
Cleaning rate 1750m2/h 1750m2/h 1750m2/h
Battery 2x12v 100Ah
Voltage 24V.DC 220V 240V
Cable 18M 18M
Size 1250x630x950mm 1250x630x950mm 1250x630x950mm
G/N weight 173/148kg 103/78kg 103/78kg
Color Blue/black, dark blue/black, dark blue, grey

Auto Scrubber is a fully automatic floor wash machine, can do battery type and with cable,  it’s suitable for all industrial and commercial environments. Floor cleaning and sewage recycling can be done automatically, scrubber can automatically distribute the detergent and clean water to the ground, clean the ground with brush, and recycle the sewage from the ground into the sewage tank through the motor of the sewage tank in cooperation with the water absorption. The machine has a compact design, a solid body, a simple operation panel at glance and easy operation. Large water tank capacity, ensure working hours. The sewage tank is equipped with a water filling device to protect the suction motor. This machine can help enterprises save costs and improve efficiency.

Assembly Instructions-Suction head assembly

  1. Lift the suction head lifting handle.
  2. Unscrew two knobs on the suction head.
  3. The suction head is hanged in the fixed palm and then tighten the two knobs.
  4. Connect the end port of the suction hose to the suction head.
  5. In adjusting the suction head angle, use the screw below the suction head chain to adjust the front and back angle.

Installation of brush plate and scouring pad with seat

  1. Step on the foot board near to the left location point and the front head will rise accordingly.
  2. The brush plate or scouring pad with seat is placed under the center of the head cover.
  3. Step on the foot board again and remove from the location point. When releasing the foot, it will automatically rise the head and also automatically drop to lay on the brush plate.
  4. Open the power lock. When the three power indicators are bright stably, press Ⅰkey of brush plate motor switch and then the brush plate will automatically installed.

Adjust brush plate

Brush plate adjustment relates to fast, slow, left and right movement of the entire machine and ground cleaning quality. Three screws in the upper left corner of the brush plate are used to adjust the brush plate. The middle screw is a locking screw and the screws on both sides are used for adjustment in parallel. When the two screws are not parallel, it may result in different pressures in the front and back brush plates. When the screws on both sides are loosened, the top and bottom distance is reduced and the machine walks slowly. When the screws on both are pressed, the top and bottom distance is enlarged and the machine walks fast. Depending on the different ground structures, adjust it fast or slow to clean the ground. In the normal setting, the top and bottom distance is 3mm. A plum hex nut in the left rear direction of the machine is used to tighten or release the spring and then slightly adjust fast, slow, left and right movement.

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