60L/80L Carpet Cleaner LC-60SC, LC-80SC

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The machine is equipped with a full set of vacuuming accessories, which can be wet and dry vacuuming by connecting different accessory parts.

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The machine is equipped with a full set of vacuuming accessories, which can be wet and dry vacuuming by connecting different accessory parts.

Equipped with a special steel carpet sucker and a plastic sucker, it can clean all kinds of carpets when choosing the carpet cleaning function.

With a wider curtain sucker, you can clean the curtains without removing it by choosing the carpet cleaning function,

The machine is equipped with a 20L clean water tank, which can put into various of cleaning solution, or it can do cleaning with clean water alone.

Technical Date

Item LC-60SC LC-80SC
Capacity 60L 80L
Power 2110W 2110W
Clean Water Capacity 20L 20L
Voltage 220V-240V 220V-240V
Power of water pump 110W 110W
Power of vacuum motor 2000W 2000W
Height 940mm 109mm
Tank diameter 440MM 440MM
Mode of cooling Circulating air cooling
Air flow rate 106L/S 106L/S
Vacuum suction 250mbar 250mbar
Length of the cable 8m 8m
Hose diameter 40mm 40mm
Packing 640x540x990mm 640x540x1110mm
Net weight 32.4kg 33.5kg
Gross weight 36.4kg 38kg
Hose gross weight 5.2kg 5.2kg
Pressures 116PSI 116PSI
Color Black Black

Pump Blockage Dredge Method

  1. The pump of the LC-40SC/30SC/20SC carpet cleaner is a small electromagnetic water pump. The following situations may cause the pump to be blocked, while the pump coil may work normally but the pump does not discharge water.
    1. The machine is stopped using for a long time, and the rubber valve in the pump is stuck to the valve seat.
    2. Solid impurities in the cleaning liquid accumulate in the pump.
    3. The cleaning liquid remaining in the pump for a long time is gathered, which makes the rubber valve blocked and invalid.
  2. In case of clogging, please dredge it according to the following methods before starting the machine
    1. Open the water thank cover according to figure I and pull out water suction hose and remove the filter.
    2. Connect the water suction hose to the tap water pipe according to Figure2.
    3. Pass the tap water according to Figure3 and the water can be discharged from the quick connect connector of the machine head.



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