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Our products are well welcomed by our customers for the high quality, competitive prices and the most favorable styles.

Shijiazhuang Jinqiu Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of cleaning machine, cleaning tools and stone maintenance system. We can provide scrubber, burnisher, vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, blower, wringer trolley, carts, marble and granite care, polishing, repair and cleaning products.

Many customers propose new cleaning systems for the local market in different countries, for different customers we can provide a series of solutions as required. So far we export cleaning machine and cleaning tools to Southeast Asia and Europe more than 10years.

Shijiazhuang Jinqiu trading will continue to provide our partners with advanced technology and satisfy products, to make our life and work easier and efficient.


We're confident that we are going to share mutual results and build solid co-operation relations with our companions in this market.

  • What are the advantages of carpet extractor? What should I pay attention to when using it?

    Introduction: In many large conference halls or some hotels, a lot of carpets are laid. These carpets also need to be cleaned regularly. Only in this way can they be clean and hygienic. The cleaning of carpets is more troublesome, so you must use carpets at this time. Use a pumping washing machin...

  • Stone conservation knowledge-stone crystal surface treatment

    With the progress of society, stone has been more and more widely used in stone decoration construction. At the same time, stone care is also an indispensable item. Waxing is the first generation of stone care technology, and it is also widely used today. The use of. This technology relies on wat...

  • What are the cleaning methods of the hotel floor

    The sanitation of the hotel directly affects the image of the hotel, and customers should consider sanitation issues when checking into the hotel. Now hotels of various levels and different themes provide you with more choices. Those are the common standard is cleanliness and hygiene. The higher ...

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